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Widely Recognized

for her unique ability, Miss Tina has earned international recognition. She has delivered accurate readings in-person & over the phone to countless people, from all parts of the world. Miss Tina is NOT like other psychics, she has & will provide a valuable service to those in need. She is a genuine 5th generation Natural born Intuitive Psychic. With a very well established business located on the Atlantic City Boardwalk for over 30 years, she is a Master Psychic her specialties include, a large variety of  Readings & Spiritual Services, like Love readings, Palmistry-(palm reading), Tarot cards readings, Psychic readings, Crystal ball, Crystal Energy, & Aura readings. 

As a Certified Spiritualist, she offers a variety of Crystal healing's, meditation, Spiritual cleansing's, chakra balancing & aligning, reuniting soul-mates & more. ​

"It would be an honor to help you find the answers and healing you are seeking. However, please know that I am not a psychic for everyone. After 30 years of serving others, I am in a fortunate position to be able to turn individuals away. I do not take money from anyone I feel will not benefit from a session with me"-Miss Tina 

As a Very skilled Master Psychic reader, & Accomplished Spiritual healer, Miss Tina offers many different Psychic Services in-person or over the phone.

Master Psychic & Accomplished Spiritualist

Tina has Mastered all types of  Readings & Energy Healing,

 making her a very Powerful Professional Spiritual & Psychic  Reader & Advisor.

​ She has Helped many people world- wide, from high profile to everyday people. Her clients have received Positive results world-wide.

Miss Tina knows that choosing the right Psychic  is a very important decision..

She has & will continue to succeed, where many others have failed! Her clients have realized how unique her gift truly is, & today is your chance to let her gift benefit you. Begin the path to your happiness & spiritual guidance. Whether your looking for advice in,​ Love, Relationships, Reuniting with Soul-mate, Work, Career, Direction, Money, Success, Luck, Business, Children, & more. Don't waste anymore time. It's time to find the answers you need by turning to a Authentic Psychic.. Miss Tina will address all the concerns that keep you up at night! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED. ONE CONSULTATION WILL TRULY,  PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE.

About Readings In-Person or Over The Phone

So... Can a psychic reading  over the phone, be as accurate as a in-person reading? Yes it can! A Phone reading is less likely to be influenced by all sorts of info that you can't help but give away. If you strip away all materialistic things you are left with Energy, YOUR ENERGY. So yes, phone readings can as accurate as a in-person reading, after all it's all about the energy.  Energy is like a tool, & our energy can be picked up from anywhere in the world, & an Authentic psychic would quickly tune in & say something that let's you know they have connected to your energy, & not ask you any questions.

This is EXACTLY what Miss Tina will do. 1 or 2 hours prior to your phone appointment,, & depending on which Reading you choose, she will start to meditate, this is a tool to tune in & center herself  before speaking to you.  By meditating & tuning in, it allows her to connect to your energy. It raises her vibration, so she is ready to receive your energy. Now out of town clients, busy or just private people,
 Can take advantage of Miss Tina's Intuitive Phone Readings & guidance, with her phone consultations for one flat rate.
Paid for via Paypal.

​ ​Notice is required for phone readings. 
Miss Tina offers very accurate Tarot card, Intuitive & Psychic readings over the phone, & Meditation for mind body & soul, Spiritual healing for balance inner peace & to remove negativity.

All Readings are 100% Guaranteed Private & Confidential.
These are different Readings/Consultations that can be done over the phone.
​please allow time to book your phone reading, depending on her current schedule & availability.
Sometimes it is possible to receive a quick appointment.

PLEASE READ: Currently Miss Tina books out very quickly.
We have created a line to manage this, to fill out the form below to get your place in line with Miss Tina.


Please keep in mind sometimes more than one meditation session is recommended for different situations.


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2721 Boardwalk, AtlanticCity, NJ )8401

2721 Boardwalk, Atlantic City, New Jersey 08401, United States

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