Phone Readings

Phone Tarot Card Reading $100

This is a Full Reading, done with Tarot cards. There is no time limit & all questions will be answered.

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Intuitive Phone Reading $150

This Reading tunes into your energy & reveals what's going on now & what is coming in the next 6 months. Provides clarity & guidance. There is no time limit & all questions answered.

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Psychic Reading Love & Relationship Reading $220

By connecting a very powerful Psychic Energy Link to you, This reading will provide honest accurate insight & answers to your questions about your love life & soul-mate. Also answering all areas in your life causing you concern. It will unfold mysteries & give you a in-depth look into your future. This is one of the most detailed & accurate phone readings.

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About Miss Tina's Phone Readings

How is a Phone Reading Accurate....

So... Can a psychic reading  over the phone, be as accurate as a in-person reading? Yes it can! A Phone reading is less likely to be influenced by all sorts of info that you can't help but give away. If you strip away all materialistic things you are left with Energy, YOUR ENERGY. So yes, phone readings can as accurate as a in-person reading, after all it's all about the energy.  Energy is like a tool, & our energy can be picked up from anywhere in the world, & an Authentic psychic would quickly tune in & say something that let's you know they have connected to your energy, & not ask you any questions. 

This is EXACTLY what Miss Tina will do. 1 or 2 hours prior to your phone appointment,, & depending on which Reading you choose, she will start to meditate, this is a tool to tune in & center herself  before speaking to you.  By meditating & tuning in, it allows her to connect to your energy. It raises her vibration, so she is ready to receive your energy. Now out of town clients, busy or just private people,

 Can take advantage of Miss Tina's Intuitive Phone Readings & guidance, with her phone consultations for one flat rate.

Paid for via Paypal.

​ ​Notice is required for phone readings. 

Miss Tina offers very accurate Tarot card, Intuitive & Psychic readings over the phone, & Meditation for mind body & soul, Spiritual healing for balance inner peace & to remove negativity.

All Readings are 100% Guaranteed Private & Confidential.

These are different Readings/Consultations that can be done over the phone.

Appointments are Required for all Phone Readings


PLEASE READ: Currently Miss Tina books out very quickly. Please allow time to book your reading with Miss Tina, depending on her current schedule & availability it is possible to receive a quick appointment.

Meditation & Spiritual Healings

Miss Tina offers extremely powerful Spiritual work, for your mind body & soul. All Spiritual work is confidential. Results & Prices may vary by each individual's Energy & Situation. Spiritual work is not a exact science, but a progressive progress. The Info & prices on this site is for information purposes only, is subjective & may not apply to your specific situation. Prices are subjective & may change without notice